My name is Tom... and I am an escapaholic

Escape. Run away. Get out of the office. See the world....I want to be like Phileas Fogg....or Tintin

Escapaholics don’t just want a holiday – they want to escape work and be thrown headlong in into an adventure. They want to see the cultural sites – for that ‘insta’ moment but they want to fill their day with all the other stuff as well. The fun stuff. They want to be annoyed by their hosts. They want pointless challenges, and they want to emerge from that ‘wind tunnel’ of adventure, arrive back at work and think….”Wow.”
Tom Finchett
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Be an idiot in India….Go large in Ladakh. Feel voluptuous in Vietnam. Go barmy in Borneo, or just be naughty in Namibia – or just get down, dirty in Devon….

You too can become an escapaholic.

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Escapaholics see places normal tourists wouldn’t see; make friends they would make.

From the Indian Himalaya in Himachal Pradesh, with its rhododendron forests, snow capped peaks and a hint of Dalai Lama

…to the desert plateau of Ladakh, the karakorem range, the roof of the world, and a slurp of yak butter tea.

The culture of Tu Doc’s ancient capital in central Vietnam, nestling on the perfume river, to a bloomin crazy, leech infested remote cave and jungle expedition.

The steaming rainforests of Sarawak for a true head-hunter, jungle survival adventure


Jacob in Vietnam

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