Wayne - the Borneo escapaholic My name is wayne and I’m an escapaholic. Its been 3 years since my last adventure. I cant believe it. I need to go again. And what can I say? – Tom and Skonie…. A ‘holiday’ to Borneo might involve a taste of the jungle, a visit to a themed traditional Iban longhouse, and may be some beach time. But ‘Nay’ this was a full on escapaholic immersion into the dense jungles of Borneo. True jungle survival stuff. Foraging for food, hacking through the jungle, machete in hand, sleeping in ‘bashas’, building rafts to head out down the delok river; staying with the Iban head hunters and all the time on the look out for Orangutans. I cant believe that you can still do this stuff. All washed down with crazy escapaholic challenges. My name is Wayne and I’m most definitely an escapaholic…..
Tom Finchett
Days until the big escape

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Aaah, those beautiful teaming rainforests of Sarawak, Borneo…. a true head-hunter, jungle survival adventure.

From arrival in Kuching, home to the white Raja, escpaholics hit the state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. A blend of culture and nature with full immersion into the wilds of the Borneo jungle. Travelling along the remote rivers of the Batang Ai region, by local Iban canoes and hacking through the jungle; learning jungle survival techniques, whilst ‘enjoying’ escapaholic games and challenges along the way; wild camping and staying in traditional longhouses; swimming in jungle pools; building rafts and finally returning to the civilised world of Kuching, before a return to the humdrum of work. But remember – you are now an escapaholic.

Even escapaholics can chill out, with a relaxed tour of historic Kuching. Discover the charms of this riverine city established by Sir James Brooke, the first White Rajah of Sarawak. With buildings dating back to the days of the White Rajahs, to ancient Chinese temples and shops selling produce that first brought traders to Borneo. 

A relaxed evening and welcome dinner.


Journey to the starting point for your jungle adventure. Board an Iban longboat and travel upriver to your first jungle lodge. Settle in to the lodge before dinner, followed by a visit to the nearby Iban longhouse to chat with the locals, (of infamous head-shrinking fame.)

Over the next few days, we escapaholics work our way deeper into the jungle along old trails and at times hacking through the dense undergrowth; (machete training given.) Crossing and swimming in rivers and pools. The lodges are surrounded by thick jungle, in an area that is inhabited by a thriving population of wild orangutans. Staying here offers the chance to spot local wildlife and enjoy the clear cooling waters of the Lalang River.

Also using the local longboats to travel on the upper Delok River, escapaholics will build their own rainforest camp for a few nights of jungle peace and tranquillity. You will also experience how the Iban survive at the fringes of the rainforest, fishing or foraging with the Iban to find food for lunch – prawns, ferns, frogs – its all ‘delicious.’ Throw in some raft building and a glass or two of ‘tuak’ (rice wine) and you make yourself a Borneo escapaholic.

Following breakfast, saying good bye to our Iban friends, depart down the river by longboat, then overland to Kuching. Have lunch en route. Continue to Kuching and drop off at your hotel. Buffet dinner in the hotel. Overnight and a hot shower at …a real hotel.

A two day underground adventure through Borneo’s limestone landscape including underground trekking, black water rafting and cave camping or a scenic trek through some stunning show caves.


Caving fun and games

A final day relaxing at our chosen beach resort, to relax and swim, followed by a gala dinner and awards ceremony. If you do not want to spend all day relaxing on the beach, the coastline is dotted with small bays, coves and beaches there are several trails to follow depending on level of fitness.

(Dress code – best escapaholic Hawaiian shirts!)

Kuching – Depart. Following breakfast, transfer to Kuching airport. 

What is included

The fee for adventuring in Borneo is payable per an escapaholic.

Remember that this covers the whole adventure, support and logistics together with the all inclusive lead up and cool down after the event.

At escapaholics, responsibility to the environment, the local population and charities, is core to our being. A portion of your fee is shared with the local Iban tribes and paid via the outreach of the regional Iban Long House. This helps with inter-tribal relations whilst bring a source of income and reason for the Iban to protect this pristine rainforest, and so protect the wildlife and Orangutan.

What you need to arrange